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Modern Film Wedding

The feelings in it make it possible to return to the wedding day and to be able to experience it again that day. The advantages of the film are huge, and the modern, compact form makes watching it no longer a marathon, and the beautiful walk with you and the wedding guests all day filled with emotions. The standard for us is the work of two operators.

Film Premarital

Writers' films are becoming more and more frequent forms of perpetuation of the premarital period. Loose form, interesting presentation of history, great flexibility and many other benefits. These and other traits encourage more and more young couples to choose a narcissi movie based on their own story. Such film may also be an element of an invitation or a gift for a loved one.

Thanks To Parents

Gratitude for the years of care, concern and support can be shown to parents in many ways. One of the most interesting is the film thanks to parents. They allow you to say "Thank you" more fully, and the modern form allows you to view the wedding and to make fun of this beautiful movie.

Filming from drone

Wide beautiful shoots from Hollywood movies. Once inaccessible to ordinary people, thanks to new technology they allow to diversify the various realizations. Dancers in the wedding film allow you to more beautifully display all this magical day. We have the rights to film drones.

Music Video movies from events

Obecnie każdy artysta jest świadom tego, że siłą napędową jest obraz. Dobry teledysk/relacja z eventu może wynieść utwór jeszcze wyżej w rankingach popularności, a nowoczesna technologia pozwala na uzyskanie niewiarygodnych efektów pasujących do każdego rodzaju muzyki.

Films corporate videos / advertisement

The more times a company decides to do so, the better. Corporate video / Advertising can be used to show investors, business partners, customers, suppliers to present their company profile, advantages, and modernity. The strength of the image gives a lot, and every company wants to be recognizable, and its features immediately associated.

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